NEW!!! Flint Hills Duck Works Collet Type Expanding Mandrel System
        Here it is! After many requests the Duck Works is proud to offer our newest turning system. This collection of precision tooling is guaranteed to bring a sigh of relief to seasoned call makers and newbies alike. Our traditional Morse tapered expanding shaft mandrel has evolved into a straight expanding shaft. The straight expanding shafts are used in conjunction with the precise gripping and centering properties of a collet chuck to provide the most versatile and affordable mandrel available today.
        The beauty of this turning system is that the shaft size can be changed by simply changing out the collet and replacing the shaft with the desired size. The collet chuck system not only makes quick work of call barrels but also works great for turning and drilling call inserts. By turning a simple tenon on your blank, the tenon can be inserted into the appropriate collet and away you go.
        Once your mandrel shaft is has been tightened into the collet chuck you simply slide your call blank onto the expanding brass shaft and then tighten the hex head cap screw approximately 1 turn using the 6" T-handle hex wrench to lock it in place. The knurled expanding jaws provide unbelievable holding power. This is a far better method of turning versus those cam and pin style mandrels which work by eccentric action that forces your workpiece slightly off center. This design also allows for quick reversal of your workpiece for access to both ends. The end of your workpiece will not require the support of the tailstock for normal turning or sanding however extremely deep cuts should only be made with the support of a live center on the tailstock side.
        Years of experience has taught me what works and what doesn't. I have had such success with this style of mandrel I decided that I should make more for other call makers to enjoy. My machining method results in a mandrel with less than .001" runout. I guarantee you'll find this mandrel will eliminate most of the common frustrations associated with turning your call barrels and inserts. I stand behind my product. If you are not 100% satisfied simply return the mandrel within 7 days and I will refund the full purchase price less shipping charges. All of my calls are all made using this same precision expanding type of mandrel. If you have a larger or smaller shaft size requirement please contact me and I will be glad to quote a mandrel & collet combination to fit your shaft size specification.

Precision Expanding Mandrel Shaft 1/2" Diameter x 4-1/2" Long

Precision Expanding Mandrel Shaft 5/8" Diameter x 4-1/2" Long

Precision Expanding Mandrel Shaft 3/4" Diameter x 4-1/2" Long

  T-handle Hex Wrench (fits forcing screw on all expanding shafts)
Precision Expanding Mandrel Shafts
T-handle Wrenches & Replacement Screws
  Replacement 8-32 Tapered Forcing Screw
$44.95 each
$44.95 each
$44.95 each
$5.95 each
$1.00 each
Collet Style Mandrel Demo
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   " Andrew,

      I just wanted to drop you a note. I bought the three size set collet mandrel
kit last year. Coming from a very well handmade set of pin mandrels I
expected to see stellar stability and accuracy.
      I have been unbelievably happy with the results. I have put many hours on
the .625 and it has not let me down yet. I just bought (literally 5 minutes
ago) another single .625 collet and M1 taper .625 looking to utilize other
equipment I have.
     Sir, you make a fine product. I am sure you have heard that many times.

      I have always believed that top quality tools are the start for high quality
made products. I am very particular on my calls quality and I am certain
your mandrels are more than enough to get the job done.

Thank you,
ELNCalls "


      " Got my  collet chuck and the mandrels a few days ago, and I love them! It makes call making so much easier, and I don't even know how I did it in the past.
Thank you so much for your product. It is excellent.
Clay "

If you do not already own a collet chuck
you will need to purchase one in order
to use the collet chuck type mandrels below.
Collet Chucks can be purchased directly
from Penn State Industries or others.